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During the massacre of General Custer, Kendall, the British reporter, has a near massacre of his own. First Line - Sooner or later, everyman meets his waterloo - even in Montana Territory. At the time Colonel Custer was meeting his, I very nearly met mine. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & OAD & OAD 02231958
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OAD 08121940
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OAD 08141940
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OAD 10171948
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OAD 10101948
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OAD 01311939
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OAD 05031950
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OAD 04201942
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J.B. Kendall, reporter, meets Wild Bill Bascombe in a saloon and becomes J.B. Kendall, Surgeon. First Line - There are places west of the Misssouri where gambling staked are rather high. This is particularly true when the wager depends on a man's life. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & None & OAD & OAD 02161958
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OAD 08071940
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OAD 08091940
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OAD 07241940
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None & J.B. Kendall and a local reporter named Charlie Meeker hire a half-breed to take them to meet Sitting Bull, but are double-crossed on the trail and shot. First Line - The great chief of the Sioux Indians is Sitting Bull. He is a rather difficult chap to meet, particularly when he is planning for war. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & None & OAD & OAD 02091958
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OAD 08021940
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OAD 08051940
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OAD 09271940
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OAD 10031948
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OAD 06131944
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OAD 01251940
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OAD 11051950
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OAD 05171943
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OAD 11121950
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OAD 05211945
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OAD 09261948
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OAD 05301944
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OAD 06091938
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