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OAD 01231939
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OAD 01211941
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OAD 01111940
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OAD 10101951
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Direct download: OTR_blue_beetle__ep05_06_murder_for_profit_05_22_1940.mp3
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OAD 11141948
Direct download: OTR_box_13__damsel_in_distress_11_14_1948.mp3
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A British actress in the old West meets death; Kendall learns her strange secret. First Line - It's amazing what a man will do to himself over a woman, and still more amazing what a woman will do to herself over a man. This story happened in Virginia City, Montana Territory. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & OAD & OAD 03231958
Direct download: OTR_frontier_gentleman__actress_03_23_1958.mp3
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Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep87_professor_thorpes_bathysphere_p3_08_30_1940.mp3
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OAD & OAD 09021940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep88_professor_thorpes_bathysphere_p4_09_02_1940.mp3
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OAD 08291949
Direct download: OTR_inner_sanctum__deaths_little_brother_08_29_1949.mp3
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OAD 09131937
Direct download: OTR_lux_radio_theatre__a_star_is_born_09_13_1937.mp3
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OAD 09051939
Direct download: OTR_fibber_mcgee_and_molly__mcgees_fish_fry_09_05_1939.mp3
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OAD 02011940
Direct download: OTR_baby_snooks__family_tree_02_01_1940.mp3
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OAD 1950
Direct download: OTR_2000_plus__marching_morons_1950.mp3
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Direct download: OTR_blue_beetle__ep03_04_sabotage_and_liquidation_05_17_1940.mp3
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OAD 11071948
Direct download: OTR_box_13__triple_cross_11_07_1948.mp3
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OAD 08241949
Direct download: OTR_inner_sanctum__no_rest_for_the_dead_08_24_1949.mp3
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OAD & OAD 08261940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep85_professor_thorpes_bathysphere_p1_08_26_1940.mp3
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OAD 09041936
Direct download: OTR_lux_radio_theatre__quality_street_09_04_1936.mp3
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"Big Sam" is running for governor and wants Kendall to write a nice story about him, and he won't take "no" for an answer. First Line - Big Sam Hobvey was a very inportant man in Helena, Montana Territory. He wanted to be even more inportant and insisted that I white about him. This is what I wrote. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & OAD & OAD 03161958
Direct download: OTR_frontier_gentleman__big_sam_for_governor_03_16_1958.mp3
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OAD & OAD 08281940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep86_professor_thorpes_bathysphere_p2_08_28_1940.mp3
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OAD 04131943
Direct download: OTR_fibber_mcgee_and_molly__indian_fighter_uncle_sycamore_04_13_1943.mp3
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OAD 03211940
Direct download: OTR_baby_snooks__laying_an_egg_03_21_1940.mp3
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OAD 1950
Direct download: OTR_2000_plus__other_man_1950.mp3
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Direct download: OTR_blue_beetle__ep01_02_drug_ring_05_15_1940.mp3
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OAD 10311948
Direct download: OTR_box_13__suicide_or_murder_10_31_1948.mp3
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OAD 05081940
Direct download: OTR_burns_and_allen__aunt_clara_kangaroo_05_08_1940.mp3
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A widow has only a week to get a claim-jumper off her property, or she'll lose it all. The claim- jumper has problems of his own. First Line - In the mining country of Montana Territory. it seems that's its one thing to find gold and another to claim it as your own. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & None & OAD & OAD 03091958
Direct download: OTR_frontier_gentleman__claim_jumpers_03_09_1958.mp3
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OAD & OAD 08211940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep83_mayan_treasure_p5_08_21_1940.mp3
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OAD & OAD 08231940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep84_mayan_treasure_p6_08_23_1940.mp3
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OAD 1950
Direct download: OTR_2000_plus__flying_saucers_1950.mp3
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OAD 05311943
Direct download: OTR_lux_radio_theatre__major_and_the_minor_05_31_1943.mp3
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OAD 10241948
Direct download: OTR_box_13__great_torino_10_24_1948.mp3
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OAD 04091946
Direct download: OTR_fibber_mcgee_and_molly__mcgee_the_painter_04_09_1946.mp3
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OAD 09051940
Direct download: OTR_baby_snooks__magazine_scam_09_05_1940.mp3
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OAD 05011944
Direct download: OTR_lux_radio_theatre__appointment_for_love_05_01_1944.mp3
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The story of Shorthorn Tom, an old prospedtor with a large nugget and the location of the mine from which it came. First Line - There's a fever in the mining country of Montana Territory - it's known as gold colic. Once a man catches it, it can only mean one thing - life or death. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & None & OAD & OAD 03021958
Direct download: OTR_frontier_gentleman__lost_mine_03_02_1958.mp3
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OAD & OAD 08161940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep81_mayan_treasure_p3_08_16_1940.mp3
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OAD 08191940
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep82_mayan_treasure_p4_08_19_1940.mp3
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OAD 04011941
Direct download: OTR_fibber_mcgee_and_molly__missing_fender_04_01_1941.mp3
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OAD 07181940
Direct download: OTR_baby_snooks__library_visit_07_18_1940.mp3
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OAD 1950
Direct download: OTR_2000_plus__robot_killer_1950.mp3
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OAD 09041944
Direct download: OTR_lux_radio_theatre__maytime_09_04_1944.mp3
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