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J.B. Kendall's second run-in with Jesse James. First Line - My second encounter with the Jesse James gang was a little more fortunate than the first. This is what happened. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & OAD & OAD 07271958
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OAD & OAD 11181940
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OAD & OAD 11201940
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OAD 01121948
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OAD 03201949
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OAD 01021940
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OAD 02151940
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OAD 02211953
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OAD 01091939
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A story about five holdup men outside Laramie, Wyoming Territory, and Kendall's attempt to have them arrested. In Laramie, Wyoming Territory, I met a square- jawed sheriff name Will Harper, and his slack-jawed deputy named Clem. Um, I also lost $20. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & OAD & OAD 07201958
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OAD & OAD 11131940
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OAD & OAD 11151940
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OAD 12201948
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OAD 03131949
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OAD 12241940
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OAD 03141940
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OAD 02141953
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OAD 12211942
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OAD 03061949
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OAD & OAD 12191944
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OAD 03071940
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OAD 02071953
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OAD 12161940
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A woman justice of the peace is unable to prevent the lynching of a Indian accused of murder. First Line - I met a Justice of the Peace in Wyoming Territory, and saw two kinds of justice done. Old Time Radio Researcher Group & OAD & OAD 07131958
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OAD & OAD 11081940
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OAD & OAD 11111940
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OAD 12071941
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OAD 02271049
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OAD 12091947
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OAD 05111939
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OAD 01311953
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OAD 12081941
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