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Finders Weepers is the story of a fabulous fortune with no one to claim it and a search that ended with finders weepers.
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In 1727 when Jonathan Swift wrote Gullivers Travels he intended it to be nothing more than a sharp and biting commentary on the customs and politics of his time but knowing the most dangerous truths could be told safely only under the mask of humor he veiled his attacks with the most imaginative of stories. And as a result his book did not die with the customs and men, which it ridiculed instead with the passage of two centuries, and more it has become more than just a brilliant satire. It has become in fact one of the greatest of all childrens classics, a story to charm and delight the young of every generation and every century.
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jungle jim, episode 035

Gildersleeve has been named one of the ten best dressed men in Summerfield, which places Gildy into a new Orkney Twist suit.
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Listen to the music of Leith Stevens and his orchestra the songs of Connie Haines and the Camel Quintet, Guest star Miss Marlene Dietrich and of course lots of slapstick comedy from Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.
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When it started the tide was high on the San Pedro waterfront, where a hot tempered kid had murder on his mind. There was knife at my throat under the piers and a corpse on the beach before the tide went out again. And the kid was finally stopped.
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benny goodman, change
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An abridged vhe excellence of Poes story and one has an old radio classic.
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