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It seems that everyone in Dodge had heard about the Longhorn except United States Marshall Matt Dillon. The Longhorn had been closed all morning and a sign on the door read, The Longhorn saloon will open at eight oclock tonight with new management and a new policy. Everybody Welcome. Signed the new manager, Maimee. They had never had a woman running the saloon in Dodge City and Dillon reckons the men wouldnt let her.
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A stranger named Joe Bowdry killed a man in Dodge and then got on his horse and rode ninety miles northwest. He made it across the Smokey Hills river before his hose flayed out and fell. Bowdry put a knife in him and settled down to wait. Half hour later he shot Marshall Matt Dillons horse out from under him and crippled Chesters with a slug in the shoulder and then he gave up. He just threw down his guns and walked towards them across the prairie his hands in the air.
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