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Dolly Varden came to Dodge and seemed to be the luckiest girl in Town at the gambling tables. She herself didnt gamble but who ever she was with would win and would cut her in to stand with him. When a fight broke out between two men over who would pay her more to stand with him one man got killed in what looked like self defence. Marshall Matt Dillon knew that while Dolly was around there was going to be trouble in Dodge.
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Brian Beck and his father had just arrived in town this morning having brought a herd up from the Big Bend country. Brain called in to see Marshall Matt Dillon in an attempt to head off some trouble he felt was coming to his father a retired colonel. The Colonel tried to treat the cowboys like an army command and they didnt much like that. That morning as the colonel paid the cowboys off one of them, Budd Scott warned him to go get armed while he was there as he was going to shoot him on sight.
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