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Nat Sibberts was a little wild and had a reputation with the women but was ready to marry Polly and knew that he had to work hard and settle down to be as steady as the next man. Pollys brother Henry does not want his sister to be messed about and tells Nat that he had better be there to marry his sister. Late Marshall Matt Dillon and Chester receive a note at the jail from someone threatening to put a stop to the wedding. It seems somebody wants to kill Nat if he does get married and somebody wants to kill him if he does not.
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Harry Popes wife had died four months ago and he had moved from Boston out to Dodge and built himself a little house out on the prairie. Now he told Chester that he was scared to death of the Indians in the area but Marshal Matt Dillon advised him that it was most likely not Indians that he could hear hollering and hooting.
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Marshal Matt Dillon receives a telegram from Bill Hickok in Abilene stating that two gunmen Peters and Gridler were heading for Dodge and to keep them there but not to arrest them until Hickok arrives with murder witness.
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