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OAD 02181948
Direct download: OTR_great_gildersleeve__ep276_adeline_fairchild_arrives_02_18_1948.mp3
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OAD / OAD 07131940
Direct download: OTR_jungle_jim__ep246_stranded_07_13_1940.mp3
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we are the botar / OAD 08141945
Direct download: OTR_challenge_of_the_yukon__arctic_chase_08_14_1945.mp3
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OAD / OAD 12241950
Direct download: OTR_amos_and_andy__traditional_christmas_show_12_24_1950.mp3
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OAD / OAD 12311950
Direct download: OTR_amos_and_andy__sapphires_new_love_interest_12_31_1950.mp3
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OAD / OAD 12141952
Direct download: OTR_dragnet__big_eavesdrop_12_14_1952.mp3
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OAD / OAD 12071952
Direct download: OTR_dragnet__big_mole_12_07_1952.mp3
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OAD / OAD 02021947
Direct download: OTR_voyage_of_the_scarlet_queen__death_of_david_malone_02_02_1947.mp3
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OAD / OAD 04231947
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep1210_mystery_of_the_lost_planet_p11_04_23_1947.mp3
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OAD / OAD 04241947
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep1211_mystery_of_the_lost_planet_p12_04_24_1947.mp3
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