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OAD 07241952
Direct download: OTR_the_falcon__case_of_the_broken_key_07_24_1952.mp3
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OAD 05031953
Direct download: OTR_the_chase__circumstantial_evidence_05_03_1953.mp3
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OAD 02111947
Direct download: OTR_challenge_of_the_yukon__substitution_02_11_1947.mp3
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OAD 11151941
Direct download: OTR_jungle_jim__ep316_kolu_buys_more_time_11_15_1941.mp3
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OAD 01111950
Direct download: OTR_great_gildersleeve__ep347_french_visitor_01_11_1950.mp3
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OAD / OAD 03121935
Direct download: OTR_lum_and_abner__circus_starts_to_leave_without_paying_bill_03_12_1935.mp3
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