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A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway stars John Lund as Fred Henry and Lurene Tuttle as Catherine. The First World War changed boundaries over all Europe and left the dead strewn across the continent from the fields of Belgium to the lesser-known fronts to the north in the mountains of Italy. Against the mud and dirt of the Italian front in the First World War Ernest Hemingway has told a story of a love that overcame the dirt and misery of battle.
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jungle jim, episode 028
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Gildersleeve switches cars and a box of rabbits becomes a load of dynamite.

jimmy lunceford, for dancers only
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It was a grim joke that started when six heirs came to an ugly house on a rain swept island to hear a madmans will. The joke soon turned to murder and in the end it was hard to tell who had the last laugh.
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Two newlyweds witness a murder; Running from the gunman, the couple find the dead body back in their tourist cabin. The landlady finds the corpse and the groom winds up killing her.
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adventures of superman

adventures of superman