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OAD 02141942
Direct download: OTR_jungle_jim__ep329_you_cant_buy_jim_02_14_1942.mp3
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OAD 04051950
Direct download: OTR_great_gildersleeve__ep359_apartment_hunting_04_05_1950.mp3
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OAD / OAD 03281935
Direct download: OTR_lum_and_abner__circus_doing_well_03_28_1935.mp3
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OAD 05151956
Direct download: OTR_dragnet__big_joke_05_15_1956.mp3
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OAD 05221956
Direct download: OTR_dragnet__big_false_move_05_22_1956.mp3
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OAD 03191948
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep1384_mystery_of_the_stolen_costume_p8_03_19_1948.mp3
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OAD 03181948
Direct download: OTR_adventures_of_superman__ep1383_mystery_of_the_stolen_costume_p7_03_18_1948.mp3
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OAD 01021953
Direct download: OTR_frontier_town__her_name_is_burbon_kate_01_02_1953.mp3
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OAD / OAD 10311948
Direct download: OTR_the_whistler__letter_from_yesterday_10_31_1948.mp3
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OAD 07241947
Direct download: OTR_mr_president__ulysses_s_grant_event_in_1876_07_24_1947.mp3
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